Our range of guano disinfectants and cleaning products for the effective and safe cleaning of bird mess and droppings. We highly recommend the use of protective clothing and respirators when cleaning bird mess.

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PX Ornikill Disinfectant

£24.00 (£19.99 ex vat)


£12.00 (£9.99 ex vat)

PX Ornikill with Guano Removal Bucket

£24.00 (£19.99 ex vat)

Repellent Sprayer - 2L

£8.40 (£6.99 ex vat)

Repellent Sprayer - 5L

£15.60 (£12.99 ex vat)

Repellent Backpack Sprayer - 20L

£36.00 (£29.99 ex vat)

500ml Sprayer

£4.80 (£3.99 ex vat)
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