Bangalore Bird Scarer

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The Bangalore Bird Scarer is ideal for use by farmers. Connect to a battery and a bottle of propane and leave this scarer to do its job, scaring the pest birds!

The design of these bird scarers means they can withstand high winds, so there will be no mis-firing.

How does it work
Connect the scarer to a 12v standard car battery, and a cylinder of propane gas, the scarer is ready to go. Using its programmable system, the bird scarer is divided in 48 half hour slots. You set whether the bird scarer is active or dormant in each of these slots.
On an active slot, the scarer ignites, and a loud bang is emitted, scaring the birds, moving them on somewhere else.

Solar panel can be connected to the battery to provide a completely stand alone system. To see our range of bird spikes and bird scarers please click the link.

  • 12v Battery and propane gas not included
  • Supplied with gas regulator and HD battery connectors.
  • [No Birds are harmed using this product, it simply creates a noise that scares them]
    • Code: - ACO-014a